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Our Journey 

Clarity 360 is regarded by our clients as one the most well-known, successful and respected business solutions & services providers Globally, & Locally but with a difference, we do it simplified. 

We provide a range of complex, bespoke, and off the shelf opportunities, along with specialist vertically and tailor made cloud services and solutions, to customers across just about every business sector/vertical. 

At the heart of Clarity 360's business strategy is a unique partnering approach, which is full life cycle. Clarity 360 manages each project from behind the scenes, as it's not about our success, but that of our client, something which stands us out from other providers.


Established in early 2010, Clarity 360 today has established a strong reputation throughout our 4 key headquarter territories,


EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa),

AsPac (Asia & Pacific),

Americas (South, Central & North America), and

IMEA (India, Middle East & East Asia).


Each territory operates an extensive country by country provision of specialist, professional, and experienced teams, who share their expertise across markets to deliver the very best outcomes to our clients, wherever they operate.

Our Real Added Value is in what we deliver, results for our +15,000 clients, and this has been why Clarity 360 has grown from humble beginnings to now operating  a number of Centres of Excellence around the world. 

It is these centres, along with our field based teams, where we do our very best for every one of our clients, either as a one off program, or as a long term partnership that form results driven delivery every day.

Founded in 2010 by Peter Hughes, Vinod Khosla, Petra Lars, David Taylor (Current COO), Karim Wade, Nurali Aliyev, Jia Qing-lin, Alex Patyanaya (Current President), Martin Read, and Fiona Miller (Current CLO), who together have a vast history of giving birth to and developing successful businesses, as the central core of Logica worldwide business services. At the commencement to the sale of the principle Logica business to CGi, the management group further forged the remaining units into two principle operating divisions,


1 -     offering Procurement Services and Solutions,

          along with establishing

2 -    an Emerging and Innovative Cloud Proposition.


This form became two business units, Clarity Systems & 360 LLP. 

Our business has developed over time by client lead, as we believe that our clients are our co-architects to our business model, and this has been a successful delivery methodology since our formation.


Clarity & 360 had grown based on delivering a promise to go the extra mile for clients, to listen, and learn together with these clients, forging a client family that gave birth to the growth of our unique ecosystemthat has been widely praised over the years for it’s simplicity and forward thinking.


Client growth lead to Clarity & 360 merging in early 2015 to become a single entity, as Clarity 360, a simplified single business with a strong force in results driven provisions, mostly from third parties, and our growth lead to development of programs that could increase the fortunes for our clients, whether that be financially or customer gain; these new programs lead us to become the first of it’s kind in SBI Services (solution business integrator), that had previously only been reserved for hardware technology, but with our use to any service that delivers a better business output for a client, is our key SBI function.


The business has grown by extending our services and solutions with our clients at the heart, and by means of acquisition, resulting in 11 operators becoming part of our business since 2010 to today. 

Other milestones from Clarity 360;

In 2016 we launched a Dual Region Operation, of EMEA(Europe, Russia, Middle East & Africa) & AsPac (Asia Pacific), further extending this reach to IMEA (India, Middle East & Africa East)  & America (North, South Central & Canada) in 2017.

In the fall of 2018, after being courted for some time by larger corporations, and investment bodies, Clarity 360 was acquired by a Major Global Investment & Holdings Company, VESNA OSEAM. This resulted in 4 clearly defined Clarity 360 operating unit regions;  

--  Clarity SA as Clarity 360 EMEA,

--  Clarity KTLL as Clarity 360 AsPac,

--  Clarity NV as Clarity 360 IMEA,

--  Clariti Group SA as Clarity 360 Americas.

The new parent company alongside our leadership team, wanted to enhance, add more value, and extend the offerings to our clients; this has been extremely successful leading to a plethora of business and industry accolades.


The business has grown substantially by constantly evolving to deliver more for our clients across our 4 regional operating units, and again through further strategic company/provider acquisitions (a detailed provision to the acquisitions can be found within our legal section).


At Clarity 360, we are committed to improving the working world for our clients -- with increased trust and confidence in business, sustainable growth, development of talent in all its forms, and greater collaboration.


Our Business Leaders have been constantly innovating to do better for our clients, which has been the core principle to our business since our formation in 2010. This trailblazing approach has enabled us to understand that today’s leading Services and Solutions, can deliver tangible benefits to our clients only when they truly fit and grow around the needs of our clients, and not just one size fits all !

Of course, you would expect us to understand that our clients want more than just what everyone else has, that’s why what we do is tailor made to each of our clients, with expert teams who support our clients, delivering real measurable results in everything we do, as when you’ve full Clarity, you’ve got a true 360 view of what can be, for YOUR Working World.


Where our work goes beyond the expected,  is that it integrates simply with industry leading services & solutions, with industry specific expertise, and transparency at every stage, to deliver rapidly deployable, rapid time to value business applications, that’s why the World of Work choose Clarity 360.

Due to our experience and success, Clarity 360 Teams hold and operate to high level security clearance, including ; 

GPMS, L - TS/RD, Q - S/FRD,  TS/SCI, FSP, ESS, USAP, ACCM, DV, SC, PV, DTCT, Y NSG,  GCS, Ji Mi, MOFA, Strap, UNSC, CTC, DV, EBS, OSA, NPPV, RCMP, CSIS, ERS, SAC, NNS, LGSS, CPSO, CCSDN, PfP, GCC DV, FCL, COSmic, TFFS, OCCAR, ISCAP,  FAPSI, DSP, SCT CSIS, HFDS,, -- Clarity 360 provides within this arena with a strong reputation. 

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Clarity 360 is a Clarity SA, VESNA OSEAM Co.

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