ACCESSIBILITY STATEMENT          (Effective 2010 - 2021)

CLARITY 360 is committed to enabling as many people as possible to access this website, where applicable Clarity 360 is a wholly owned subsidiary of Clarity SA (VESNA OSEAM Co.) Boulevard Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, Luxembourg- 1331, are continually working to make its web content and resources accessible, and to extend our inclusiveness efforts online. We believe that our visitors should have a choice on how they view our content, and are committed to providing a website that takes into account leading web accessibility practices.

We aim to comply with all of the Priority 1(A) and Priority 2 (AA) accessibility checkpoints as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium's web accessibility initiative. The web accessibility initiative promotes usability and accessibility for people with disabilities and also promotes good web practice. By improving both the accessibility and usability of our site, we are seeking to meet the requirements of all our users.


This website has been developed in line with the W3C / WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0).

We have considered these guidelines with independent reviewers and conducted a series of evaluations at relevant checkpoints.

These findings have been incorporated into the development of our website.

Supported browsers this website has been optimized to work best with the following browsers:


-     Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and above

-     Google Chrome

-     Firefox

-     Safari


As we continue to develop content and other features as part of our global public website, territory websites, and/or Group website, and where applicable Clarity. Clarity is a wholly owned subsidiary of Clarity SA (VESNA OSEAM Co.) Boulevard Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, Luxembourg- 1331, we will work toward continued adherence to accessibility guidelines and leading practices.

We welcome feedback from our users; please contact us if you would like to share your comments.

All statements are offered within the correct business laws to the trading zones.


​Should you have other questions or concerns about these privacy policies, 

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