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At Clarity 360 we aim to attract, develop and retain talented people.


​Once you enter into employment with us we are interested in investing in you for the long term,

not just within Clarity 360 but right across our parent business too. ​


With our extensive experience in a wide range of sectors, markets and disciplines, you can be sure of a wealth of development opportunities

on entry to a career with us. ​


We've created an environment which empowers individuals and rewards performance, offering exceptional new and progressive opportunities Globally. ​


Clarity 360


We Transform,

We Develop,

We Inspire,

We Achieve,

Always Together!



Clarity 360 is a Clarity SA Company, part of Vesna Oseam, a large, diverse business with many separate divisions.

As a result, we work to our parent company policy on recruitment, so therefore we use a number of different approaches

to understand more about you, including:

-- Telephone interview

a great way for you to get more information on Clarity 360 and the job you've applied for,

and for us to find out whether your skills and experience match the job.

​-- Competency interview

where we talk about work situations, what you did to deliver a great result and how you went about it.

-- Technical interview

for more technical roles, we may ask you to share details of your technical skills and experience.

-- Psychometric Tests –

these tests will assess your verbal and numerical reasoning, or personality characteristics, and make sure you fit the role.

-- Assessment Centre

In all cases if successful through the above, you will be asked to visit one of our assessment centres,

where you'll complete a number of activities, including competency interviews and perhaps a group exercise or case study. 

At Assessment Centre stage you will also meet with one of senior managers/directors for a face to face interview.  


-- 2 Way Role Assessment Day -

In most cases the final stage of the recruitment process

will feature a session alongside those who would become your colleagues.

We do this process so that both parties can get a feel for each other, how interaction works,

some actual on the job experience first-hand, and also give you a chance to ensure that working

with Clarity 360 is right for you, and that your joining is right for Clarity 360.

Finally, on the 2 Way Role Assessment Day you will meet with your prospective line manager, who will conduct a final face to face interview with you,

where the last piece of the recruitment process is completed.

Offers of employment are always subject to satisfactory references, Full Disclosure/Criminal Record Checks, and others if required,

along with formal identity checks, and in some cases a credit check. 


You will be communicated with at each stage in a professional manner both by means of telephone and post/email.


Clarity 360 is an equal opportunities employer who believes in open and honest feedback, which will be given at every stage of the recruitment process.

For all matters regarding Human Resources, including recruitment inquiries, reference requests for former employees, etc., 

Please use the contact form here in the first instance.


Be specific with your request, 

clearly state your name, email, 

and telephone number.

Complete ALL the fields required.

if you require someone from

the team to contact you.





For former employee references, please note our policy for such is NOT AT ANYTIME, to provide Telephone References.

We will only provide a formal written response to such inquiries whether that be email and/or by postal form. 


This is our company policy and to that of our parent company Clarity SA, Vesna Oseam. Any request for telephone reference, will be rejected at all times. 


Clarity 360 do not work with agencies at any time. Agency inquiries will not be responded to.



Thank you.

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