HR Current Vacancies

At Clarity 360 we DO NOT Accept Telephone Canvassing for Prospective Roles. 

Application MUST be completed online in the first instance, using the provided link. 

Please note, telephone application, inquiries, and/or canvassing, will not be accepted at anytime. 

Should your application be successful, an applicant will be contacted direct by one of the HR Team

relevant to the discipline/country role, 

this will be for successful applicants only , within 10 days of application. 

Should you not be contacted, we are sorry,

as your application has not been successful on this occasion. 

In this event we do not store, retain, and/or share your details.


Clarity 360 is an equal opportunities employer. 



UNITED KINGDOM              --  no vacancies

MIDDLE EAST                    --  3 x support team, 1 x new market analyst location: Ajman UAE.

TURKEY                            --  1 x service field team, 2 x B2B Sales location: Bodrum & Mersin TR.

GERMANY                         --  no vacancies


FRANCE                            --  no vacancies

SPAIN                              --  2 x support team location: Barcelona ES.

ITALY                               -- 3 x service field team, location: Milan, IT.


EAST EUROPE                     -- no vacancies


AUSTRALIA                        -- no vacancies


RUSSIA                             -- service field various, 1 x finance manager, 2 x B2B Sales location: Vladivostok & Grozny RU.


AFRICA                             -- 5 x support team location: Nairobi KN & Algiers AG, 


NEW ZEALAND                    -- 1 x finance 1 x admin & 2 x reception location: Wellington, NZ.


INDIA                               -- sales various B2B & Channel, 2 x admin assts. location: Pune.


CHINA                               -- no vacancies


SINGAPORE                        -- country start up team in full, location: Novena SG.



Clarity 360 do not work with agencies at any time. Agency inquiries will not be responded to.


For all matters regarding Human Resources, including recruitment inquiries, reference requests for former employees, etc., 

Please use the contact form here in the first instance.



Be specific with your request, 

clearly state your name, email, 

and telephone number.

Complete ALL the fields required.

if you require someone from

the team to contact you.





For former employee references, please note our policy for such is NOT AT ANYTIME, to provide Telephone References.

We will only provide a formal written response to such inquiries whether that be email and/or by postal form. 


This is our company policy and to that of our parent company Clarity SA, Vesna Oseam. 

Any request for telephone reference, will be rejected at all times. 


Clarity 360 do not work with agencies at any time. Agency inquiries will not be responded to.



Thank you.

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