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Clarity 360 Disclaimer and Legal Statements.    

(Effective 2010 - 2021)

The information contained in this Site is intended solely to provide general guidance on matters of interest for the personal use of the reader, who accepts full responsibility for its use. The application and impact of laws can vary widely based on the specific facts involved.

Given the changing nature of laws, rules and regulations, and the inherent hazards of electronic communication,there may be delays, omissions or inaccuracies in information contained in this Site. Accordingly, the information on this Site is provided with the understanding that the authors and publishers are not herein engaged in rendering legal or other professional advice or services. As such, it should not be used as a substitute for consultation with professional advisers.

Before making any decision or taking any action, you should consult a Clarity 360 professional.

While we have made every attempt to ensure that the information contained in this Site has been obtained from reliable sources, Clarity 360, and parent Clarity SA, Vesna Oseam are not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the results obtained from the use of this information. All information in this Site is provided "as is", with no guarantee of completeness, accuracy, timeliness or of the results obtained from the use of this information, and without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to warranties of performance, merchant-ability and fitness for a particular purpose. Nothing herein shall to any extent substitute for the independent investigations and the sound technical and business judgment of the reader. In no event will Clarity 360, or its partners, employees or agents, be liable to you or anyone else for any decision made or action taken in reliance on the information in this Site or for any consequential, special or similar damages, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.

Certain links in this Site connect to other Web Sites maintained by third parties over whom Clarity 360 has no control. Clarity 360 makes no representations as to the accuracy or any other aspect of information contained in other Web Sites.

Clarity 360, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Clarity SA, a trading division of Vesna Oseam, registered head office is Clarity SA Boulevard Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, Luxembourg- 1331, registered Company No. 09814484, and  No. SC302464, and should not be confused at any time by any other individual, business, and/or branding in the regions we serve. 


VESNA & OSEAM divisions listed below came together in 2013 for greater transparency to form the core VESNA OSEAM.







VESNA OSEAM investment & corporate divisions have been operating since 1997 as Unitrust, and / or Investment Holdings Venture by the core partners.

The focus of the venture engine is to provide investment and growth in five key divisions that form Vesna Oseam as a Unitrust, that produce a long term interest mainly to investment & holdings management, along with major global developments, but not with standing inter division cross dealing for the outcome of providing pooled trust as returns that are agreed for the main investment partners together, with others where applicable. Investment partners within VESNA & OSEAM. are global in nature and specific to the VESNA OSEAM Division to which they invest, usually based on a mutual business portfolio of investment that are the key focus to the outcomes, yet remain private. ​VESNA OSEAM became the principle owner of the complete group portfolio of Clarity Holdings in 2018.

Each operating trading region company EMEA, AsPac, IMEA, & Americas, will fall within one of the hub divisions/units, and operate as a stand alone business and each business will operate within the laws and taxation principles to where they trade and at no time will tax avoidance be a principle held and deployed. For individual accounting details to each operating country within each trading regions, while each are registered to the VESNA OSEAM hub, are available on request for investors solely, other parties may be permitted where it is agreed by the executive board from VESNA OSEAM., via the normal process of representation to the individual business within the hub, and signed off to provide by the individual business board directors of which there always must be two who have submitted to the main.

The board of VESNA OSEAM is confidential as a trust, being equally represented by the partners, with officers appointed from the divisions/units, along with external representation and by independent legal and financial representatives to assist in the trust & its ventures direction and its growth; 


  • Clarity SA (Clarity 360 Group HQ)  Boulevard Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, Luxembourg- 1331   

  • VESNA OSEAM Management Group, DongCheng, Beijing 100077, China

  • VESNA 360 AVF, Naberezhnaya, 10 Presnenskaya nab. Moscow 123317 Russia

  • OSEAM Co. NV, (global business) MGR Kieckensweg 9 Welgelegem, Willemstad, Curacao

  • Sync 2C Trust, Nexus Way Camana Bay,  KY1-9009

  • OSEAM Global Holdings, Qwomar Complex, Tortola, BVI 852-3695-5150

  • VESNA OSEAM GLOBAL, Akana Bldg., De Castro Street, Wickhams Cay, BVI

  • Legal Advisors – MossFon & Co / SASM&F LLP / GSL LLP

  • Financial Auditors – Tiaa Cref LLC / Atlas LLP 

  • Marketing, PR - AIGO Communications​

Due to our experience and success, Clarity 360 Teams hold and operate to high level security clearance, including ; 

GPMS, L - TS/RD, Q - S/FRD,  TS/SCI, FSP, ESS, USAP, ACCM, DV, SC, PV, DTCT, Y NSG,  GCS, Ji Mi, MOFA, Strap, UNSC, CTC, DV, EBS, OSA, NPPV, RCMP, CSIS, ERS, SAC, NNS, LGSS, CPSO, CCSDN, PfP, GCC DV, FCL, COSmic, TFFS, OCCAR, ISCAP,  FAPSI, DSP, SCT CSIS, HFDS,, -- Clarity 360 provides within this arena with a strong reputation. 

Previous Companies/Subsidiaries, and/or Brand Names registered as part of VESNA and/or OSEAM;

  • QuiHoo 360    

  • Fair Point

  • DigiPoS KR

  • DigiPoS CN

  • Clarity Systems

  • Logica Group

  • Logica BART Assist

  • Clarity PPM

  • 360 Solutions (Project) Ltd

  • Bania 360 

  • 360 IT Ltd

  • DigiPoS PTY

  • 2C International LTD

  • 2C Partners LTD

  • Logica 360

  • Logica Clarity

  • Clarity Europe Ltd

  • Clarity Business Solutions Ltd

  • 360 LLP

Companies/Subsidiaries registered as part of Vesna Oseam; 

  • Clarity SA (Group)

  • Clarity NV MGR

  • Clarity KTLL

  • Clariti Group SA

  • Clarity OOO


  • Clarity EMEA

  • Clarity AsPac

  • Clarity Co

  • Clarity 360

  • Clarity Fze

  • وضوح ثلاث وستين

  • Clarity Comercial S/C Ltda.

  • Clarity ApS

  • Clarity LP

  • 清晰度三十六

  • Clarity OÜ

  • Clarity GmbH

  • Clarity KV

  • Инфосистемы Джет

  • 清晰国际

  • Джет группа

  • весна-

  • ความชัดเจนระหว่างประเทศ C

  • Clarity S.p.a.

  • Clarity IMEA

  • Clarity AD

  • Clarity Americas Ltda

  • Clarity NV

  • Clarity (EUUK) Ltd

  • Clarity GmbH

  • Clarity (2C) LLC

  • Clarity (PTY) Ltd

  • ясность международная группа

  • Clarity Servi Co. 

  • Clarity capltd

  • Clarity ctcit

  • ਸਪੱਰਟੀ ਤਿੰਨ ਸਿਕਸ

  • Clarity FiPE

  • Clarity JV

  • Clarity FA

  • Clarity GK

  • Clarity SARL

  • Clarity S.en.C.

  • Clarity-360

  • Ясность три шестьдесят

  • 威斯纳

  • クラリティインターナショナルグループアジア

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2010 – 2021                    Clarity 360 is a Clarity SA, VESNA OSEAM Co.

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