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FEMSA checks in to check out growth


"As with many other multiple country operating companies we have constant pressure to serve our customer better while maintaining excellence for our people and our partners," said José González, Corporate VP of FEMSA, "so in choosing a company who could speak our language while understanding our challenges sensibly was key. Clarity gives us this and more while having the experience of skill set that can drive our growth across multiple verticals to deliver value and outcomes that assist with our business plan." FEMSA is a Mexican multinational beverage and retail company headquartered in Monterrey, Mexico. It operates the largest independent Coca-Cola bottling group in the world and the largest convenience store chain in Mexico. It is also the second largest shareholder of Heineken N.V.. Clarity 360 provides an Ai based procurement and JOT solution that has delivered a 28% improvement to the business output within the first operating quarter. 

Rolling Savings for CRRC


CRRC is the world biggest rolling stock manufacturer serving over 27 countries with over 180,000 employees and following the merger of CSR, who were a Clarity client,, the emphasis was upon a central and regional planning tool that combined the best of the cloud, with timely cost saving procurement for each country served. Lou Qiliang CRRC VP said "within our markets the choice of partners is vast, but with the successful experience from CSR we selected Clarity 360 as the key choice that would serve our needs. Their understanding of our different markets and territories was key and it serves us well with the local contact points and their global network on demand hookup. Being able to plug into our extensive operating systems with ease was and is a major win for our business." The CRC partnership extends to 2023 with a strong use of AI and a tiered front facing platform that learns around the user not the user around it, this delivering more efficiency and greater benefit at all business levels.

MTN makes it wireless with JOT Intelligence 


MTN is deploying an ambitious Wireless OpenRAN across their core markets with the aim of deployment reaching 40% of their customer base within 2019 and remainder being satisfied in 2020. Dirk Karl, chief procurement officer said "we always have had challenging business goals to maintain our market position as the worlds 8th biggest mobile network, yet we also have a vast ground based business that is growing across 3 continents, so the need to deliver a winning solution for our people on the ground is one which requires constant improvement. When we were introduced to Clarity our expectations were high to match our business needs and goals. Following a trail in our local SA home territory which exceeded our desired outcomes, we quickly signed them up to work on our most ambitious project to date, and they constantly surprise us on multiple levels." Clarity 360 have deployed a just on time cloud solution that learns via AI to grow as the business needs do, and works to be the key buddy in the field to engineers and operators, by being in step with the individuals needs, the supplier network, and providing much improved governance view ensuring the best outcomes and deliverable for their customer base. 


Parkson Berhad achieves number one spot in South & Central Asia


Operating 131 department stores across Asia, Parrkson has always delivered the very best customer experience since 1987 yet has wanted to seamlessly merge its online and offline base for some time. "Clarity 360 has worked with our various operating sites both on web and on high street to deliver a focus that drives a linked service offering for our customers and has driven up revenues and loyalty," said Mr Poh Wan Chung Group CFO "My predecessor Simon had engaged with some of the big names in consultancy, yet when Clarity 360 exceeded our expectations following a 3 month trail we knew that Dim and his Asia Clarity 360 team were definitely the way to ensure our business group could grow and enhance our number one department store profile across Asia." A complex service offering has been deployed across the various regional divisions utilizing cloud, procurement, AI, and predictive marketing efforts that operate via multi channel and grow as to the need and input from a customer at its heart. Operating for a minimum fixed term contract of 3 years Clarity 360 have deployed a key team within the Parkson business that plugs directly into regional and international Clarity teams to ensure long term success.

Driving change for ARAL AG with JOT Clarity Procurement 


ARAL AG the European fuel retailer serving Germany, Poland, Austria have lead the market with key customer enhancements to Fuel sales, such as CardKomfort & PetitBistro, yet in the constant changing market needs of its customer based services, focus upon just on time procurement has never been more important with the fast moving needs of the customer base.  Denise Ziegler Supply Chain Ops Director, ARAL AG said "Having a key partner in Clarity 360 ensures we can deliver to our customer needs, our outlet needs, our supplier needs, and of course our management financial bottom line needs, and we have already seen a traffic increase across our units of 23% while our operating costs have decreased by some 26% so that delivers a fantastic standing to ensure we can compete and drive further growth and development. Without doubt the Clarity 360 procurement team have excelled in a crowded market space of suppliers who we have en counted without the success we see now with Clarity 360."

Improving customer engagement for SANLAM 


Ensuring a supreme customer focused business is always the key for successful consumer businesses, so SanLam Africas' biggest financial services provider has taken a cloud based format to delivering the very best across both consumer and business markets with Clarity 360. Anton Gidenhuys, CA & GRO "we are a diverse group and have varied needs that need to constantly be driving satisfaction at the customer end, so with a complex mix of business divisions we needed a outbound and inbound system that can react to customer needs. After nearly 14 months of consideration with a number of large providers we selected Clarity 360 who could demonstrate a solid local understanding across our business units and with a key focus upon our customers. Cloud Clarity provides so much more than we first envisaged yet we are already seeing the benefits and the customer feedback is showing major positive outcomes." The bespoke multi tiered, multi language, cloud functions that use AI and third party data to drive positive was first deployed in early 2019 and is supported both locally and in-house by Clarity 360 professional services.


DP World extends as the Silk Road reaches further


Delivery of goods and essential supplies from the Far East to Europe in a faster form has been the driver of many for many years, to truly deliver an alternative logistical form to sea transport. DP World have now delivered the One Belt Rail Modal rediscovering the Silk Road. Phil Musgrove said "with over 26 different systems in play to deliver this solution we needed a solution set that was unique as our needs, while delivering the very best cost, this we now have with Clarity 360." Working with project director Ganesh Raj, "a fully translating, self adapting, and tiered secure system that is available anywhere, anytime, via any device ensures that we can deliver for our clients and of course ensure we conform correctly in real time has truly been delivered with Clarity 360, and it helps having their locations in place with local teams to support on each route." The extension to the route now reaches into leading Euro countries such as Italy, and is set to extend further this year with agreements into Northern and Western Euro Zones as well as Russia, while the shipping routes renew with redevelopment of major port infrastructure.


CENKOS grows beyond expectations


"Having worked with Clarity 360 on a number of projects since 2014, formulating a strong and robust partnering was always our aim," Chief Executive Jim Durkin, "ensuring key delivery to our clients from a wide range of operating verticals from systems and control, through to procurement and end user needs, Clarity 360 provides our portfolio with the very best mix and I'm proud that we have agreed a strengthening programme." Clarity 360 have worked across numerous Energy, Logistics, Technology, and Healthcare projects since early 2014, with focus upon the outcomes being the main driver and ensuring true real ROI.  The new agreement means that our companies will work together into 2021. 


COMPASS Group drives into 2019 with Simplified Advantage


Compass Group required a new infrastructure system that could deliver benefit across the various operations from Food Service, to FM to Healthcare, serving various user points for better procurement that can speed up the provision for customers. Dom Blakemore, Group COO,  "Compass had multiple companies who tendered to work with us, yet none matched what Clarity could deliver for all our operations across our 50+ countries, with real local professional service to these countries, and enable our key cost savings,  while ensuring our re-investment program could take full shape for our customers and our people." The shape of Compass now will deliver a faster and more streamlined operation replacing the multiple vendor status that slowed down Compass performance, a single form to each country and one that feeds directly to Compass HQ in Surrey.

STUDIO MODERNA Group scores with AI & JOI Smart Procurement


"Improvement across our supply chain, combined with key delivery to our ecoms customer base, while supporting our unique country territories is always our main objective,” said Eivind Schackt COO Studio Moderna Group, "with Clarity in place we have a partner who can truly assist in our mission to grow beyond our current 30+ countries now and beyond 2020.”

Clarity 360 provides a unique procurement end to end system delivering real time response from design, across manufacturing, through logistics, to customer. Additionally, with the combined cloud solution mix presenting for the business and front line, taking advantage of a backend layered truly self-developing AI, the initial results have driven a 23% uplift for the business as a whole within the first operating quarter as reported by Studio Moderna from their group HQ in Slovenia.


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