Putting the spark in supply chain for OMZ


OMZ manufactures a wide range of steel, custom and industrial components for nuclear power plants, petrochemical and mining operations and utilities. In particular OMZ is a manufacturer of reactor pressure vessels for the VVER type of nuclear reactors and the manufacturer of EKG open-cut mining power shovels. As part of their expansion plans Clarity 360 has successfully deployed an AI Edge to their multi operating sites to safeguard and grow their capabilities to both current and new markets. Igor Timofeyev Director of Объединенные машиностроительные заводы, (Objedinennye Mashinostroitelnye Zavody,/OMZ) "having grown throughout Northern Europe and Asia, OMZ are always wanting to redefine and become more relevant, so now having the backbone to truly challenge the global players means our future is much brighter with Clarity 360." Utilising a hybrid bespoke offering, the new systems have already delivered a first quarter 31% gain for OMZ, (quarterly OMZ published report) in terms of speed to supply and bottom line.


ADEO extends with the Cloud


Europe's biggest DIY & Consumer Goods Groupe ADEO has embarked on a further roll out of their new custom interface units to both customers and staff. The multi tiered clouds will now extend across their 12 operating regions after the successful trail under the AKI and Leroy Merlin. "Having the ability to predict need in an intelligent and intuitive form to both our colleagues and customers, while being able to reduce costs to deliver better for our customer, Clarity 360 provides beyond our expectations." Philippe Zimmermann Commercial Director to Groupe ADEO, "we are confident  and excited that our new clouds will be supremely beneficial as our business brands strive to do more smarter., and strengthen our position within the region." 

ARUP KIX connects to the world further, faster, and better


ARUPs KIX Island is the latest integrated hub for Asia that has challenged the previous thinking and know how. The challenge went much further to deliver a constant learning and adapting back end that could embrace AI with positive outcomes across all customer and worker touch points, while ensuring the success of the sinking island. Terry Hill of ARUP "the project is one that truly has pushed the boundaries and capabilities of aviation and logistical hubs, so ensuring we had a partner who could deliver equally and beyond to our needs was key,. Clarity 360 provides much more than we had envisaged, never failing to deliver above and beyond every time." ARUP KIX Project Director Gary Lawrence went on to say "having worked with the team previously on the Lakhta Centre, Apple Park, OR TIA, and Dongtan projects Clarity have always been a natural fit to ensure we can deliver on time and on budget, with key focus on the elements essential to our deliverable success."

Seeing the Clarity 360 future for Compagnie de Saint-Gobain


Following the acquisition of SAGE Electrochromics, Clarity have ensured a smooth integration to our main business needs, while ensuring innovative thinking and know how to provide much improved value and ease of working with the use of Cloud Clarity. "with multiple legacy systems in play knowing we can trust Clarity to make our business units work to their best." Julie Bonamy, VP Corporate Planning and Strategy, "As Saint-Gobain leads the world in glass and coverings we need to be at our best always and especially with our growing operational base now extending across the Middle East with Gyproc, and Sezal in India, ensuring local teams talking local language has helped immensely."

Inditex extends brands to the world 


"Clarity 360 have worked with us for over 5 years, reaching our 7,000+ outlets across 93 countries, so when it came to deploying our feature brands Bershka and Stradivarius end to end the guys have excelled." Ramon Tunez, Inditex Group Director, "we have diverse needs from technology to chain of operation, to direct and local, as well as corporate business delivery, so Clarity faced a challenge which as always they exceed expectations." Clarity 360 are a total partner touch point business delivering to local, national and international differences from our core units Procurement Clarity & Cloud Clarity. Having worked with the group since 2012, the next phase involves a complex set of deliverables to the future brand icons of Oysho and Uterque that will bring a new dimension to the Inditex business and strengthen their solid market leading position

Clarity 360 develops a sweet tooth with Garoto 


Brazil's largest manufacturers of chocolate Garoto SA is now delivering supreme benefit across procurement with a new end to end multiple set solution. Having a wide range of needs from bean to bar,  with complex export to various countries around the world, Garoto' Peter Vogt EVP said "having confidence in delivery at every stage is essential for our business so a simpler and better focus to our procurement suite was needed, especially being part of parent Nestle, where collaboration and reporting needed to be more of a focus." He further stated "So the new move to the new single platform gives a greater level of control from operator in the cocoa fields, though manufacture, to retailer, to executive team, while delivering a more user friendly and intuitive approach to assist every user at every stage, and that's exactly what we now have from Clarity, plus it delivers to our parent too, despite our operating as a stand alone within the greater business." Clarity delivered a fully supported hybrid solution that uses multiple vendors overlaid with a custom AI front end that learns on the job and has already delivered to Q1 deployment according to latest reporting from Garoto, within the 2 year program.


Mengniu expand into Europe via the cloud


As a result of new working in 2018 with Europe' ARLA Foods, Mengniu wanted to expand their footprint from their active markets of Asia, yet with common language, regulation, and standard bodies that could inhibit growth, and having a need to provide multi layered access points in new markets CFO Ping Zhang confronted a hurdle, "after speaking with various partners and vendors we could not find the right fit, however ARLA had already been working with Clarity 360 with success, so we put them to the task, and they certainly have delivered." A smart solution was required with the Core 360 facia being deployed that seamlessly worked with existing systems, and could handle the complex nature of the business growth. Together with green energy input gave Mengniu a strategic advantage that has already delivered across their Scandinavia operations and into the core operating markets. The program will work until 2020.


TecMa moves forward with Clarity


"Having multiple locations and operations we needed to work with a company who could offer us a one stop set of offerings that can bring benefit to our business while ensuring we can deliver the very best for our clients," Jose Grajeda, Tecma Group VP of Operations, "with Clarity we get that and more, plus they are big on providing behind the scenes which maintains our approach." Tecma will source cloud and procurement specialist services from Clarity for a 3 years period after a trail over 3 months to the Central American manufacturing centres and operational units to the North and new launches within South America, which has already resulted in a 32% upscale. With a specialist enhance to a very diverse nature from General Manufacturing, through Medical Devices, Aerospace, Electronics, and Automotive several operating suites are being deployed that deliver end to end requirements on demand and utilizes AI to prevent hold up and supply chain issues. 

Groupe PSA deploy JOT 5.0 across New European Operating Units


2017 marked a major progressive step in the development of Groupe PSA with the integration focus upon the new assets from General Motors being Opel & Vauxhall, and further with the Proton & Lotus brands joining the worlds second biggest automobile manufacturer. "Adding to the success of the Peugeot, Citroën, and DS marques, PSA required a detailed and intelligent M&A procurement service that could be relied upon to deliver,"  Patrice Lucas EVP Programs & Strategy, "and having experience of Clarity from our dealings across the integration of Hindustan, we only really had one call to make,. We are embarking upon an ambitious program that will bring key values and benefits across all our locations at nearly every level and have partnered with Clarity 360 to deliver this program." The Stage 1 unique bespoke cloud and in-house service for JOT (Just On Time) including chain procurement is already delivering in 2018 with greater visibility and allowing for a more competitive operation set that further grows the Groupe PSA focus for 2018 and beyond. Stage 2 and 3 delivery will involve integration for benefit and values across the partnerships of Khodro, Sevel, and Dongfeng, and further the new coming online of Groupe PSA operations in Sanand - India, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, and Kenitra - Morocco, as well as further consolidation to GefCo, GIE, MotaQuip, PCI, and Faurecia.


Steinhoff see the real value from the Cloud


Steinhoff are the world's leading value and discount retailer within the household goods market with a core aim to be the best choice for customers across their +30 countries. With a diverse business model across multiple verticals the need for supply chain to be fully integrated and accessible is key to their success. "we selected Clarity 360 as they were able to demonstrate a real understanding of our business needs and ensure a simplified model was delivered that best served our Just On Time Model for our customers." Mariza Nel, Director of Corporate Services went on to say "We now have a single customised system that works for our end users at the customer facing end while being able to do so much more, savings in our business teams time, and our business bottom line, we're now seeing the benefits which allows us to invest more in our people and our values. We were sceptical on the cloud yet Clarity have ensured we have a robust system that is so easy to use and benefit from, a definite solid choice for our business."


Drilling down to deliver the very best service for TMK Group


TMK Group the global oil and gas tubular products leader have deployed +34% increased service levels across their operating divisions, "with Clarity 360 we now have a company wide system that delivers benefit in terms of the core business needs where they matter most, and yet also gives our clients much improved confidence with greater transparency."  says Vladimir Shmatovich, Group VP Strategy & Business Development. TMK Group now use a bespoke set of Cloud Services that work across design, manufacture, supply, logistics, and financials serving 27 sites within 6 countries in real time with no lag as had been experienced previously with multiple platforms in multiple locations, now TMK Group have a single source AI face bound operating system that uses custom learning intelligence which has been designed around the needs of the business today and into tomorrow.

CLARITY 360 Switch ThyssenKrupp on to Energy Management



ThyssenKrupp have operated with CLARITY 360 to deliver new energy management software to deliver key benefits to their operations where securing best value is essential in the ever changing marketplace on both regional and national basis, while providing a robust solution for the management of operational site consumption for factories and offices. First quarter reports show a reduction to the cost base, including energy waste, service costs, FM service costs and consumption costs. 


SUBWAY grows with CLARITY 360



Subway the fast food retailer has enlisted CLARITY 360 to deliver a more robust and cost effective customer process from back house to customer facing. CLARITY 360 now deliver better improved management across Europe, Middle East, & Sub Asia, of in store needs for supply, while regionally for the first time growing the sales model to customers from domestic and business markets by means of training, call centre and customer lead enhancements. 


Barclays Expand their Digital Statement Program



Barclays has lead the way over the past 5 years in serving their customer base across divisions by ensuring customers receive the simplest accounting services in a customized approach that has won praise globally. As a further step in personalizing customer services, the launch of 'one to one chat' functions and 'see easy' platforms have been announced, that will be project driven by CLARITY 360. The 2016 scheme is a strengthening of the partnership between CLARITY 360 & Barclays that spans over 5 years across Africa, Middle East, Asia & Europe. Phillip Sowter, Digital Device Director, "our aim is to truly be the customer lead banking organisation that has simplicity at its heart and with CLARITY 360 we can drive this program further year on year."


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