BLUESCOPE rolls with Clarity


BLUESCOPE the multi continent steel producer has selected Clarity 360 for a complex cloud service suite for use both customer facing and across multiple sites throughout Asia Pacific operational locations that combines AI to serve the needs of the business just on time. "Our ever growing needs far exceed the provisions available from many providers, so to now have Clarity delivering clear positive results to both our teams and our customers is a fantastic position for our business and its future," Andy Garey CSTO BlueScope said "these guys really understood our business and our complex multifaceted expectations across multiple sites who each have their own complexities, so we're driving forward to deploy what we believe will be the new benchmark for our industry and we're proud to be the trailblazer." BLUE SCOPE operate sites throughout Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, and Pacific Islands with a strong customer base across the AsPac Region and into the Middle East and South America. 

RONDO grows beyond the KNEAD


"Having worked with Clarity 360 on a number of projects since 2014, formulating a strong and robust partnering was always our aim," Director Jürg Ammann, "ensuring key delivery to our clients with complex foods manufacturing hard and soft end user needs, Clarity 360 provides our portfolio with the very best mix and I'm proud that we have agreed a strengthening programme." Clarity 360 have worked across the 10 RONDO trading zones with main site focus upon central units in Switzerland, Germany, & Italy, delivering cutting edge JOT and complex integrated cloud systems for monitor projects since early 2014, with focus upon the outcomes being the main driver and ensuring true real ROI.  The new agreement means that our companies will work together into 2023. 

SNCF rolls with Clarity to 2022


French Transport Infrastructure Leader SNCF has selected CLARITY as their key Procurement solution partner with extension to Cloud provisions and station hubs for a new 2 year period up to 2022. "we required a partner who can truly meet our obligations to our customers and yet also support our growth both throughout the country and across the wider space," Philippe Chauvin, Procurement Director for SNCF announced Friday. "Our projects such as EcoVadisCSR, Sievo, Silk Road, and our expansion across Europe required a specialist set of solutions which would improve our performance and delivery, with Clarity we have that." France & Netherlands GM, Diana Darroze said, "i am delighted to welcome SNCF 's extension to their current agreement with CLARITY where we will become a fully integrated part of their operations, and together with our Alstom work we look forward to much success for SNCF."


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